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There are different types of violence that can cause us to feel unhappy or actually cause you physical harm.

Violence can be:

  • Domestic: someone in your family home or by someone you are in a relationship with.
  • Sexual: someone know or unknown to you who betrays your trust sexually.
  • Physical: someone hurts you physically.
  • Emotional: someone uses ‘mind-games’ to manipulate you and get what they want.
  • Verbal: someone uses words to put you down and intimidate you.

In some instances violence can be people older or younger than you. The age of the person being violent towards you is no excuse for their behaviour. It is not your fault for the way they behave.

By speaking to us at Off Centre we will be able to support you in finding help. Counselling and therapy can be useful in helping you to develop strategies for dealing with how you are feeling. Speak to us and we will listen and support you finding a way through.

If you tell us that or someone you know is at risk of harm then we have a duty to protect and we will aim to talk with you about this. It might mean that we have to tell another agency, so that you or the person you have told us about can be properly protected.




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