Our Outreach Services!



Are you between 11-26 years old? Do you live, work, study or have a significant connection with Hackney? Do you want to seize new goals, realise new dreams? If so, then our outreach services may be for you. 

Outreach Services

We offer outreach services to support young people in places they feel safest. We offer taster workshops and training in schools and youth hubs on a range of topics that complement our therapeutic services. We also deliver therapeutic groups in schools and colleges that integrate creative ways of working to engage young people. 

The team work both in the community, via outreach and at our specialist centre

You can access or get involved in the following

Peer Mentoring

We provide a mentoring scheme for YP aged 11-17 years. They are paired with trained peer mentors aged 18-25 who have a good understanding and insight into mental health and the challenges faced by young people in Hackney. Mentors often have accessed Off Centre themselves in various capacities so are well known to the service and understand and subscribe to the ways we can support young people. 

Art Therapy

You do not have to be good at art to do Art Therapy. It’s more about using art materials to express how you are feeling and to explore the issues and concerns that have led you to seek therapy. These could be current as well as things that relate to your past experiences. If you are unsure what to do, the Art Therapist can help you to get started, think about a theme or suggest materials. The Art Therapist is not there to analyse your work or tell you what it’s about, but the art making can help you tell your story or facilitate discussion about the issues that have bought you to Off Centre. For more information please visit our Art Therapy page or get in touch.


Dramatherapy offers a different way for you to communicate how you feel. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk directly about our problems, feelings and life experiences. Dramatherapy uses the process of storytelling, enactments, role-play, improvisation and movement to help find a different way to communicate what’s important. Dramatherapy also uses drama games, instruments and props, and offers time for verbal reflection. You and your Dramatherapist will find a way of working that best suits you personally. For more information visit our Dramatherapy page or get in touch.


Counselling offers a confidential space for you to explore feelings such as anger, grief, anxiety, disappointment, shame and sadness and may enable you to accept these feelings and understand them better in order to bring about positive change. For further information please visit our Get support page or get in touch.

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